About Us

Seniors Taking Action was formed in 2019 by a group of frustrated Seniors who refused to sit on the sidelines while our democracy was threatened. Our mission: To harness the power of Senior volunteers. We have written postcards – tens of thousands of them – for candidates across the United States. We have participated in get-out-the-vote phone banks. We have written letters.

During the pandemic, we launched weekly Zoom meetings and began our speaker series. We have met dozens of exciting candidates, heard from dynamic organizations, and learned from political opinion makers. 

And we’re just getting started. Going forward:

We will continue to sponsor weekly Zoom meetings, our forum for exploring ideas and meeting national candidates who welcome our support and tell us how we can help them.

We will continue to focus on postcarding. Check out our Action Agenda for news about postcard-writing campaigns and other volunteer opportunities.

Send us your email address (see Contact Us page) and we’ll send you our weekly newsletter and Zoom link. 

Join us. Spread the word. It’s easy. It’s important. And you’ll feel good about making a difference.