Postcarding with STA

One of the most effective tools for increasing voter turnout is sending handwritten, beautiful postcards encouraging new voters to register that alert registered Democrats on why a particular election is critical, and when and how to vote. Postcarding is easy to do and an activity that can be done anytime, whenever you have a few free minutes. Once you are set up with your postcards, colorful, and permanent markers, and postcard stamps, you will be ready to get addresses, and clear instructions on what to write.

Getting Started

You will need a good supply of postcards, colored magic markers, and postcard stamps. We use two types of postcards: one for Getting Out the Vote (GOTV) and another for encouraging people to Register and then vote. Purchase at least a hundred at a time so you are prepared to write for critical campaigns when they come up. Here’s what you need to have on hand to be prepared to write to voters:

1. Postcards for getting out the vote (GOTV). We recommend getting ones called ‘fullbacks,’ with the design and space for the address on the front side which gives you plenty of room on the back for the message. Here are several good sources:

– The Markers for Democracy Vista Print shop is a great place to get postcards of all sorts. The shop is private, so you will a need to sign up and create a password the first time. Here is the link:

– Post Cards to Voters offers a wide variety of postcards:

– You can also buy VOTE cards from Etsy or Amazon

2. Postcards to register new voters can be ordered from our partner, Field Team 6. The whimsical Blue Donkey covers the whole front side to encourage people to keep the card as a reminder to register. The messages are short so they fit on the halfback space provided on the side with the address. Some of the postcards are generic and can be used in any of the Field Team 6 campaigns to register voters, while and others are specific to a state. Pick the card(s) you want and write down the name that appears when you click on the card’s image. For example, the Blue Donkey with the register banner is “Register Donkey.” Then call or text Mike, the FT6 printer, at 714-399-8708 so you can get the STA discount rate. Just let him know the name(s) of the cards you want and how many. He will mail you the cards and an invoice. He accepts credit card payments.

Here is the link to select your postcards:

3. Postcard stamps.

Purchase them at any post office and get several rolls.

The price for a roll of 100 postcard stamps is $51 but it will go up in January 2024 so don’t wait to stock up!

4. Sharpie Ultra Fine Point Permanent Markers

– We use color to emphasize important words in the message. These Sharpie pens work well and don’t run if they get wet during delivery.

– Drug stores and craft stores usually have them in stock.

– You can also order them online at Amazon.

5. Wite-Out! Every card you write should be proofed for accuracy so be prepared to make corrections when needed. We all do!

6. Not essential, but you might also like to have a highlighter pen. We use a yellow Staedtler Textsurfer to make a word or two pop!

Our Partners for Postcarding Campaigns

We work with several organizations that have identified campaigns where postcards can make a difference. They compile lists of eligible voters or potential Democratic voters and addresses and provide instructions and the scripts. Here are the links to learn about each one.

Activate America:

Postcards to Voters – Tony the Democrat:

Field Team 6:

The Civics Center:

How to Stay Up with Current Campaigns

While some of the campaigns we write for go on for many months, special elections often have a tight deadline. The best ways to know the current campaign is to sign up for our weekly newsletter, join our Wednesday Zoom meetings, and check the Action Agenda on our website. The Postcarding Update in our weekly newsletters lists the campaigns we are writing for and provides information on how to get addresses and instructions.

If you need additional help or have a question, get in touch with our postcarding directors:
[email protected]
[email protected]